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Israel Violates Lebanese Airspace

Jun 14

Israel Violates Lebanese Airspace

Israel violated Lebanese airspace in an apparent surveillance maneuver in the face of announcements by the Syrian army of a counteroffensive close to the occupied Golan Heights, the Lebanese news agency reported today.

According to the report, a few hours ago the Zionist entity's planes flew at low altitude from the southern city of Marjeyun to the Bekaa valley in the centre, near the Syrian border.

The source highlights Tel Aviv air force intensified its flights through the area after Syrian military preparation began to free sectors of the south-western province of Al-Quneitra from terrorists.

Although Israel did not violate Syrian airspace this week, tension rose with the deployment of Lebanese and Syrian troops.

In February, Syrian artillery shot down an Israeli warship and the drums of the war between the Zionist entity and Damascus sounded, followed by an exchange of cannon fire in the Golan Heights belonging to Syria but still occupied by Israel.

Almost daily, the Zionist entity ignores UN Security Council resolutions which ended the 2006 war that ended with an Israeli defeat to the Islamic Resistance.

To stabilize the area, UN deployed blue helmets on the so-called Blue Line, the border between Israel and Lebanon.

Lebanon's government filed multiple complaints with the UN about the offensive attitude of the Tel Aviv regime that attacks Syrian territories from Lebanese airspace.