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Lebanese tourist faces trial over insulting Egyptians

Jun 04

 Lebanese tourist faces trial over insulting Egyptians

The Egyptian prosecution on Sunday ordered the transfer of a Lebanese tourist to criminal court over posting a video clip insulting Egyptians after allegedly facing verbal sexual harassment in Cairo.

Mona al-Mazbouh was referred to a criminal court 'in an urgent trial for intentionally spreading rumors offensive to the Egyptian society and to all religions,' the prosecutor-general office said.

She was arrested by the Egyptian police on Thursday after her video post went viral on the social media and angered many Egyptians who called the Egyptian authorities for action.

'Egypt will remain down and low,' Mazbouh started the video, before angrily telling a verbal sexual harassment she went through in a Cairo street.

She went on describing the Egyptians as 'the dirtiest people' in the world.

The Lebanese woman, however, appeared in a later video explaining that her remarks in the first video did not refer to Egyptians in general.

'I did not mean the Egyptian people in general ... and I did not talk politics,' she said.