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Invivoscribe And Aubmc create a center of excellence in Beirut, Lebanon

May 15

Invivoscribe And Aubmc create a center of excellence in Beirut, Lebanon

Invivoscribe Technologies Inc and the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), Lebanon have created a Center of Excellence serving as an international service laboratory in the Middle East to test hematologic diseases including leukemia and lymphoma.

The partnership enable AUBMC to provide pharmaceutical and clinical partners in the Middle East with the same high quality, reliable, standardised tests and bioinformatics tools provided by Invivoscribe's LabPMM clinical laboratories in the U.S.A., Japan and Germany.

The Center of Excellence is the first center that will facilitate international standardisation of testing services, allowing medical centers around the world unprecedented access to Invivoscribe's proprietary assays and bioinformatics.

The establishment of the center also facilitates quicker turnaround times, which are important for clinical trial enrollment and tracking of patients during the course of treatment, a statement said.

The Center of Excellence at the CAP-accredited Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory of the AUBMC will expand the range of diagnostic services available in the Middle East, bringing a comprehensive array of new tests designed and manufactured in an ISO 13485 accredited facility.

Invivoscribe's specialised next generation sequencing (NGS) gene panel tests including MyAML, MyHeme and MyMRD will be available in the Middle East to identify and track primary driver mutations and their subclonal architectures and the emergence of new driver mutations in patients with hematologic diseases.

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