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Aoun Urges Riyadh for Initiative to Restore Arab Unity, Dialogue

Apr 16

 Aoun Urges Riyadh for Initiative to Restore Arab Unity, Dialogue

President Michel Aoun on Sunday led Lebanon's delegation to the 29th Arab League Summit in the eastern Saudi city of Dhahran, where he also held separate talks with Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and other Arab leaders.

Aoun's meeting with the monarch was also attended by Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil.

“The cause of Palestine has the priority at the heart of the developments and it is the basis of instability in the Middle East,” Aoun said, addressing the Arab summit.

He warned that “the Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty are continuing without deterrence, in addition to the violation of Resolution 1701 and the use of Lebanon's airspace to bomb Syria, not to mention Israel's continued threats to ignite war.”

Addressing Saudi Arabia, Aoun added: “Today we are on the kingdom's soil and who else can unite the (Arab) family other than its biggest nation?”

“Will an applicable, pioneering initiative be launched from here to restore unity and endorse dialogue as a way to resolve problems, making Article 8 of the charter of our League a binding pledge that obliges each of our countries to truly respect the ruling regimes in the other Arab states by shunning any act aimed at changing them?” the president added.