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Lebanese Teachers on Strike

Feb 07

Lebanese Teachers on Strike

The Lebanese Association of Private School Teachers urged today to continue on strike to demand better salaries.

The leader of the organization, Rudolf Abboud, announced the continuity of the strike, after a meeting today with Education Minister Marwan Hammaded that was assessed as positive.

The teachers are demanding compliance with the law of the salary scale, known as Law 46, which stipulates a salary increase in the public sector.

Although the legislation is in force in public institutions, the common practice establishes that a salary increase for the public school teachers would also reach those of private schools.

The private-school administrations announced that in order to assume the costs of that salary increase, they would rise the registration fees up to 30 percent.

The parent committees reject that decision, because the cost of education would make it prohibitive to many families and also criticize the strikes that damage the educational process.

In a demonstration in front of the Education Ministry main office, Abboud revealed that the strike would continue until the demands are met and that they would even increase the protests.