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Syria, Lebanon Call for Increasing Trade

Jan 13

Syria''s Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Muhammad Samer al-Khalil, who received the Ambassador of Lebanon in this country, Saad Zakhia, called for increasing the trade relations between Damascus and Beirut in the near future.

The government representative of this Arab nation stated during the fraternal meeting that the economic ties with its neighbor Lebanon are built on solid foundations, spread the News Agency Sana.

Al-Khalil also said he expects bilateral cooperation to be rebooted after the defeat of terrorist groups and the reopening of border crossings thanks to the struggle of the Syrian Army and its allies.

He suggested the Lebanese counterpart to revise its customs procedures for the sake of increasing bilateral trade, as they include a 10 percent tariff on the importation of vegetable oil.

For his part, the representative of the Lebanese diplomatic mission in Syria agreed with his interlocutor on the need to strengthen economic and trade ties between the two Arab States.