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UNIFIL SECEAST conducts 'First Blue Beret' blood donation campaign in Meiss elJebel Hospital

Jan 10

As part of the various humanitarian activities, in accordance with the mandate of the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, carried out by UNIFIL in the South of Lebanon, UNIFIL SECEAST along with Nepal Battalion conducted the 'First Blue Beret' Blood Donation Camp in the Meiss El Jebel on Tuesday 09 January in which more than 25 peacekeepers donated blood.

The event was carried out in the Meiss El Jebel hospital and was attended by the Mayor of Meiss El Jebel and the SECEAST Commanding officer Brigadier General Romero Mari along with the Commanding Officer of Nepal battalion Lt Col Narayan Bahadur Thapa.

This Blood Donation camp is not only a noble gesture but will also save countless lives of in Lebanon in case of any accidents or wherever there is a requirement of blood.
Hence once again proving that UNIFIL is not only willing to give their sweat but also their blood to maintain peace and support the population.

Mayor of Meiss El Jebel thanked the peackeepers for their contribution and said 'we are extremely grateful to UNIFIL for htier help, as the blood donated will help so many people in need'.