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Change and Reform: Paris Meeting Reflects Support for 'Lebanese Legitimacy'

Dec 06

The meeting of the International Support Group for Lebanon that will be held in Paris Friday is “an international rally in support of the Lebanese legitimacy embodied in the president, the premier and the parliament,” the Change and Reform bloc said on Tuesday.

“Thank God for Lebanon's safety after the major crisis that we went through,” said the bloc in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

“We stress the bloc's full support for the statement that was issued by the government today and its commitment to its content,” it added, referring to a “settlement” statement according to which Prime Minister Saad Hariri rescinded his resignation.

The statement reaffirmed Lebanon's so-called dissociation policy. 'The Lebanese government, through all its political components, dissociates itself from any conflicts or wars, as well as the internal affairs of Arab countries to protect Lebanon's political and economic relations with its Arab brothers,' the statement said.

“Lebanon has returned to its sound constitutional course, and the government and all state institutions have resumed work and returned to the pre-November 4 phase,” Change and Reform said, adding that “Lebanon draws its dignity from the dignity of its presidents and institutions.”

Recalling the period of Hariri's presence in Saudi Arabia after his resignation announcement, the bloc said “Lebanese diplomatic action, with full support from all Lebanese, led to a strong and firm international stance in support of Lebanon and the return of the premier.”

It also said that the upcoming Paris meeting is “a clear message to the Lebanese and the world that Lebanon's stability is a red line and that Lebanon is supported and not abandoned.”

Hariri had announced a shock resignation in a Nov. 4 televised broadcast from Saudi Arabia, citing Hizbullah's meddling in regional affairs as a main reason for stepping down. The nature of the surprising announcement raised suspicions that it was orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, his main backer.

Following international mediation efforts led by France and Egypt, Hariri revoked his resignation on Tuesday after the agreement on the settlement statement.