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Aoun Says Lebanon's Dignity Must Not Be Undermined

Dec 06

President Michel Aoun said on Tuesday that Lebanon reacted to the crisis that emerged following PM Saad Hariri's shock resignation because “we do not accept the country's dignity to be tampered with,” the National News Agency reported.

“Our position on the recent crisis stems from our inability to accept that any authority in the world could tamper with our dignity. We believe that there is no such thing as small or major country; these must all be equal in dignity,” Aoun said at a Cabinet meeting from Baabda Palace.

At the beginning of the extraordinary session aimed at endorsing the country's dissociation policy, Aoun presented in detail, the stages of the crisis that arose upon the announcement of Hariri's resignation, NNA said.

He explained that the positions he took and the wide-scale contacts he made stem from “the main concern to absorb the situation at home and secure the return of Hariri from abroad to find out the circumstances that accompanied his stance.'

Aoun spoke about the broad consultations he made with all parties and a number of world leaders.