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Hariri in Cabinet meeting: To open a new page that protects stability and relations with Arab countries

Dec 06

This is the statement delivered by Prime Minister Saad Hariri during the Cabinet meeting held today at Baabda Palace:

'I thank His Excellency the President for his wise management of the recent crisis and for all the efforts in which the components of the government have participated to safeguard stability.

I hope that this session will constitute a new opportunity for solidarity, in order to protect the country. We all see how the region is boiling, and we should clearly realize that any wrong step could drag the country to a dangerous place.

What we have done so far has been the peak of responsibility ... and the most important thing is that we refused to be dragged behind slogans and calls that only mean to bring chaos to Lebanon.

I am the President of the Council of Ministers of Lebanon, and today there is a death sentence against me in Syria, and Hezbollah is considered a terrorist party in the Gulf states. All I am saying is to prevent the country from entering into the conflicts of the region and to maintain our stability.

But this does not spare us from seeing the existing problem and the observations of a number of brotherly countries, especially the Gulf states, which sent us clear messages about the interference in their internal affairs. This means there is a problem that we cannot overlook. This problem should not persist. Attacking the Gulf states in the media and politically threatens the interests of Lebanon, especially the interests of the Lebanese working in the Gulf.

We have to address this issue, and take a decision announcing our disassociation, in words and deeds. We must be convinced that interfering in the internal affairs of the Gulf States has serious repercussions on our situation and our interests.

If we refuse that any country interferes in Lebanon, we should not accept that any Lebanese party interferes in the affairs of the Arab states, especially the Arab Gulf States.
Our interest is to protect our historical relations with Saudi Arabia and the entire Gulf, and not to give any excuse to problem-seekers to drag Lebanon into chaos.
I hope that everyone will take these things with the highest degree of responsibility, and I hope we open a new page for the country that protects stability and brotherly relations with the Arab countries.

We are not emphasizing Lebanon's Arabism. This matter is settled and is not a matter of discussion ... The Taif Agreement is clear ... What we are doing is sending a message to the Arab brothers that Lebanon does not want to sabotage its Arab relations or harm any Arab country.

Developments in the region suggest a new wave of conflict ... Perhaps the conflict is nearing the end, and Lebanon cannot be plunged into chaos on the finish line.

For my part, I will not sacrifice the country's stability under any circumstance. The safety of Lebanon and its protection from security and sectarian fires is above all other considerations.

I hope all Arab brothers will understand the situation in Lebanon. The Arab brothers did not let us down in the most difficult days ... The history of the Gulf support for Lebanon is recognized by all the Lebanese.

As of today, I hope to renew the trust in our relations and to put the relationship with our brothers on the right track.

By the way, we are facing an unprecedented development in the region.

The US administration is on the verge of declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel. This development will have repercussions, and if it happens, the government will have a clear position, within the framework of the Arab unified position, which affirms the right of the Palestinian people to an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital'.