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Geagea commenting on Al Jubair's statement: Central Bank coordinates with American Treasury, I do not think money for Hezbollah passes through the Lebanese banking system

Dec 03

Lebanese Forces Chief Samir Geagea commented Saturday on the recent statement by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir, saying, 'I appreciate Al Jubair's speech, but I have another opinion regarding the Lebanese banking sector. The Lebanese banks are fully complying with the Central Bank's instructions to coordinate with the US Treasury Department, and take it upon themselves to apply international standards and international banking systems.'

'I do not think there is any money for Hezbollah going through the Lebanese banking system,' stressed Geagea.

In an interview with 'Today's News' Website, Geagea criticized Hezbollah's Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem's recent talk about 'winners and losers', saying, 'The only loser in this crisis are the Lebanese people, who are being pushed from one crisis to another, with their livelihood and fate being manipulated from the Gulf far-reaching to the two Americas and all in-between...'

'I regret the adventures that have nothing to do with the Lebanese supreme interest,' he added.

Geagea stressed that 'the March 8 team will not succeed in separating between the Lebanese Forces and the Future Movement in an effort to isolate it...'

He added that 'there are strong deliberations between LF and Future Movement to restore their relationship back into place.'

Responding to a question whether the Lebanese Forces was partaking in negotiations on the 'political statement' to be issued by the Council of Ministers if it resumes its meetings, Geagea indicated that there was no 'direct' participation.

'President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri are undertaking this endeavor, but in the end the statement will return to the Cabinet for discussion...My atmosphere updates indicate that things are going well, but we have to wait a few days to see the actual result,' Geagea disclosed.

Responding to another question whether LF was still the mandate's 'godfather', Geagea stated that 'it was supposed to be a basic partner in the mandate, but this is not the case. Yet, this does not prevent us from maintaining ongoing understanding with the Free Patriotic Movement towards the other.'

In response to a question about the promotion of electoral alliances aimed at limiting the Lebanese Forces Party in order to get it out of the current political equation, the LF Chief emphasized that 'what determines sizes are not alliances but public opinion. In this sense, we remain reassured of our future and the outcome of the upcoming elections. In accordance with the new law, alliances no longer have the same role they played based on the majority law.'

'It is too early to talk about electoral coalitions at the moment. The internal situation, contrary to what some believe, has not settled on something final yet,' Geagea added.

Asked whether Lebanon can actually distance itself from the problems in the region, Geagea asserted that 'the possibility of actually distancing oneself from the problems of the Arab countries is 100%, if the logic of the State prevails.'

'The sole solution lies in the State's logic taking the reign, and that the military, security and strategic decisions belong to the State alone,' Geagea concluded, noting, 'The State must adopt a very clear logic that satisfies all Lebanese.'