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Fadallah meets IRIB delegation

Oct 19

Head of the Information and Telecommunications House committee, MP Hassan Fadlallah, on Wednesday met with a delegation comprising head the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Abdulali Ali-Asgari, its members, and Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Fathali.

Conferees reportedly dwelt on the relations between Iran and Lebanon on the media level, and the means to bolster bilateral cooperation.

During the meeting, Fadlallah broached 'Lebanon's particularity' pertaining to information and media, stressing on the freedom of expression in that respect.

For his part, Asgari explained the reality of media in Iran and the role of IRIB. He also presented his host with an invitation to visit the Islamic Republic.

It is to note that MPs Ammar Houri, Hani Qobeissi, Emile Rahme, Qassem Hashem, and Kamel Rifai attended the meeting.