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Derian meets Richard: Lebanon is based only on consensus

Oct 12

Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, received at Dar Al Fatwa, the United States Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard to whom he confirmed that 'The Lebanese are keen to strengthen their unity, to preserve stability in their country, and to confront terrorism in all its forms.'

Underlining the victory achieved by the Lebanese Army against the armed groups on its borders in Arsal mountains, Derian assured that Lebanon is based only on consensus. 'Most of the political, security and economical matters can only be achieved by consensus and understanding,' he said.

He pointed out that 'Lebanon has friendly relations with brotherly Arab countries that respect its freedom, sovereignty, Arabism and decisions, and do not interfere in its affairs.'

He also stressed that 'Israel is an enemy of Lebanon and occupier of Palestine.'