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Tueni: National currency immune, taxes will not affect lowincome citizens

Oct 02

State Minister for Anti-Corruption Nicola Tueni assured Sunday that the national currency is immune, adding that the imposed taxes will not affect low-income citizens.

'The economic theories and dim analyses that we are facing daily are far from the reality of figures. We have a good initial surplus, which the Finance Minister has confirmed in figures,' Tueni indicated in an issued statement.

'The issuance of the 2017-2018 budget is the first serious attempt to restore control of public finances since 1993, as well as addressing the issue of cutting account and the accumulation of differences over the years,' he added.

'These are the facts without any ambiguity...and despite reservation, the President preferred national unity to tension and hence, took responsibility for the previous financial mismanagement,' Tueni went on.

'The national currency is immune and taxes are mostly direct and will not affect citizens with low-income,' he reiterated.

'The government has a tax and investment approach to curb the public debt, the cost of service, the budget deficit and redistribution of the tax burden towards social justice. This move should be valued and supported because it is the foundation for the coming years,' Tueni asserted.

'Lessons should be learned from the financial evasion of previous financial management during the past 24 years, which resulted in public debt and the inability to break the account,' Tueni concluded.