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Fenianos from Qbayat: There will be a Civil Aviation Authority in Lebanon, Qlay'at Airport works to be launched soon

Sep 24

Public Works and Transport Minister Youssef Fenianos disclosed Saturday that works on the Qlay'at Airport are to be launched soon, adding that there will be a Civil Aviation Authority in Lebanon.

'Forming the Civil Aviation General Authority is the first step, while the second will take us all to the 'Hajj Pilgrimage' from Qlay'at-President Rene Mouawad Airport, God willing,' promised Fenianos.

The Minister's words came during the reception held in his honor by North Akkar's Municipalities Union Head, Qbayat Municipality Head Abdo Makhoul Abdo, in presence of the region's prominent dignitaries and officials.

Fenianos outlined the various projects that have been launched in Akkar, indicating that 'the amount of money spent by the Public Works Ministry in Akkar to-date has reached 27 billion and 536 million Lebanese pounds distributed among various municipalities in the region.'