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Aoun hopes Monday economic conference will reach fair solutions

Aug 12

Aoun hopes Monday economic conference will reach fair solutions

President of the republic, Michel Aoun, on Friday expressed hope that the upcoming economic conference at Baabda palace on Monday would find solutions that consider the interests of all the Lebanese regarding the salary scale and the taxes.

He also maintained that he was seeking a solution that would be fair to all sides.

Aoun made these remarks during his meeting with a delegation of al-Khazen family in Kesserwan, at Baabda presidential palace.

Separately, the President chaired a work session with a delegation of the Ministry of Education, in presence of Minister Marwan Hmade.

Talks reportedly touched on the salary scale and its reverberations of public and private education.

Aoun later met with his advisor for international cooperation affairs, former minister Elias Bou Saab, over the cooperation with the United Nations organizations on all levels.

The President also welcomed a Tunisian parliamentary delegation, who highly evaluated Aoun's national and Arab stances, 'especially on the level of building the strong state that is capable of confronting the Zionist and Takfiri enemies.'

The delegation also congratulated Aoun on the fresh victory scored against the terrorists on the outskirts of Arsal, voicing support for the Lebanese army in its upcoming battle against Daesh in the peripheries of Ras Baalback and al-Qaa.