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Derian: Our project is a strong and fair state, Relation with PM Hariri is solid

Jun 19

Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian, stressed that Muslims in the country are keen on having a strong, fair and capable state of rights and duties, one that equally belongs to all its citizens without discrimination, while describing his relationship with Prime Minister Saad Hariri as 'solid.'

Speaking at an 'Iftar' ceremony held in his honor by Middle Beqaa Municipalities Union Head, Mohamad al-Bast, at Sama Shtoura, Derian asserted that 'the security of the Beqaa is the security of all of Lebanon,' calling on Lebanese authorities to prevent any passive or self-security attempts in any part of the Beqaa region.

Over the new election law, the Mufti deemed that 'it is not the best law, yet it must take its course to implementation so that the Lebanese can feel relieved as they find themselves in the upcoming months before a parliament whose members they have chosen to the best interests of Lebanon.'