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Bassil represents Aoun at Zouk Electricity Plant inauguration

Jun 18

Foreign Affairs Minister Gebran Bassil Saturday represented President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, in inaugurating the new Zouk Electricity Plant during a ceremony hosted by Water and Energy Minister Ceasar Abi Khalil.

'We gather today in a special encounter in history and essence, yielded by proper determination and planning, for whoever has the will can reach his aspired goal,' said Bassil after touring the various sections of the new plant, the cornerstone of which was laid in 2013.

'Today, Lebanon approves a modern electoral law and launches an advanced electricity program, as a result of its will and determination,' added Bassil.

He considered that those who benefit from the absence of electricity in the country are many and well-known, adding 'those who want electricity have to join hands with us, for this is our headline for the next stage.'

In response to previous accusations of corruption at the Water and Energy Ministry, Bassil said: 'Whoever can prove that the three ministers who took on responsibilities at the Ministry have committed one financial mistake, let him come forward or else declare his inability!'

'This day, on behalf of the President of the Republic, the Lebanese government and its Head, I declare a new commitment to you, that we are determined in the coming months to provide electricity to the Lebanese at the lowest prices and with the most transparent and best technical tenders,' promised Bassil.