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Toledoan to head U.N. Lebanon drive

Jun 18

A Toledo philanthropist will lead a United Nations aid program for underprivileged communities in Lebanon such as Syrian refugees.

The United Nations Development Program has appointed Rabha Eidi as its goodwill ambassador for its Live Lebanon program — an initiative geared towards private companies and Lebanese living abroad, according to a written statement by her son Ramy Eidi, the chief executive officer of Eidi Properties, a Toledo commercial real estate agency.

Mrs. Eidi, a Lebanese-American and lifelong Toledo resident, will lead humanitarian efforts in Toledo to promote aid to Lebanon’s underprivileged communities, including the nearly 1.5 million Syrian refugees, according to the statement.

Her philanthropic and leadership activities over the past 35 years range from raising funds for Lebanese students to attend American universities to organizing support for the Dar Al-Hanan orphanage in Lebanon, and the Sadr Foundation, a Dearborn, Mich. nonprofit organization for social justice and against illiteracy, poverty, and violence.

Mrs. Eidi is a co-founder of the Mehdi Eidi Center in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, a medical facility and school for the underprivileged, including refugees seeking services. She has been honored by the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, awarded the Expatriates Medal by Lebanon’s Directorate General of Expatriates, and has held the position of Lebanese honorary consul in Toledo.