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New political crisis threatens Lebanon with disagreements over election law

Lebanon’s electoral law crisis intensifies as various proposals submitted by Lebanese politicians have failed to please the different factions and groups. In light of the current deadlock, the country has two difficult options. The first is to extend the parliament’s term during a session scheduled on May 15, and the second is parliamentary vacuum, which threatens the work of the country’s constitutional institutions. Foreign Minister and Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) Leader Gebran Bassil’s proposed electoral law......

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New political crisis threatens Lebanon with disagreements over election law

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Lebanon Raised Churches Security During Easter Sunday

Lebanon Raised Churches Security During Easter Sunday

Churches and other places of Christian worship have been today the most watched over ghhgin Lebanon with a large deployment of military and security forces that, according to the government, will prevent attacks like the recent ones in Egypt.

On Easter Sunday,"...

Lebanon looks to save water in agriculture

Lebanon looks to save water in agriculture

USAID’s Lebanon Water Project will disburse LL300 million ($200,000) in grants to farmers, helping them to switch to water-saving irrigation technologies, a statement issued by USAID said Friday. “LWP will disburse a total of LL300 million to fund grants for on-farm schemes that promote water conservation, such as drip irrigation and water collection,” according to the statement.


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Sarraf asserts army capable of protecting country and its borders

Minister of National Defense, Yacoub Sarraf, said on Sunday that the diligence of every single soldier who left his family during the holidays is what kept the country and its borders safe.

Talking to visitors who came to felicitate him on Easter at his Minyara residence, Sarraf stressed that terrorism has no home in Lebanon.

"The army, which has faced terrorism in the"...

Lebanon: Financial inflows to jump 20 percent amid better economic conditions

Financial inflows to Lebanon in 2017 could jump by 20 percent thanks to the positive political and economic conditions, Bank Audi said Wednesday.

“The improvement in Lebanon’s politico-economic conditions could generate no less than a 20 percent rise in financial inflows in 2017, following the noticeable double-digit growth"...

US aggression will never impact axis of resistance: Hezbollah

US aggression against Syria can never have any negative effect on the axis of resistance which supports the state in Damascuss in its war against the terrorist groups, Lebanese Hezbollah movement said in a statement released on Friday. According to the Al-Manar News Network, Hezbollah condemned the flagrant US aggression against the Syrian sovereignty by targeting the military airport of Shayrat.

The movement described the recent crime as an “insistence by the US...

Zoaiter launches Dutch agricultural technique in Batroun

Agriculture Minister, Ghazi Zoaiter, held a ceremony on Sunday in the Batroun village of Koubba, celebrating the launch of a Dutch agricultural technique that limits the use of pesticides, and promotes the use of Hydroponic agriculture, which preserves natural resources and limits water wastage.

Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral"...